Tennis Forum for Global Environment

Tennis Forum for Global Environment


FGPE and UNEP co-organized the forum which has been taking place in Tokyo every year since 1998 to 2002. 


Amature tennis players from embassies of various countries, Japanese Minisries, business sectors and media, who have great role and responsibilities for solving the global issues, take part in an informal and friendly dialogue through the sport of tennis. They are encouraged to promote international exchange for further cooperation on the global environment. 


At the opening receptions, a various charity programs including the charity auction were organized as well to fund the children's environmental projects that UNEP and FGPE had been jointly organizing for years.


The late His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado joined the forum as Honorable Chairman as well as a tennis player of one of the teams, and played an important role to communicate with ambassadors and diplomats participated from various countries.


Unfortunately, he passed away in November 2002 after the 5th tennis forum when his team won the trophy.