International Children's Conference on the Environment

2005 International Children's Conference in Aichi,

held as one of the major programs of Aichi Expo.

FGPE organized or supported various children's conferences held around the world as well as in Japan.  


ICC (International Children's Conference on the Environment) and GYF (Global Youth Forum) are major programs, involving  young people in order to enhance environmental mind and activities, hosted by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) started in 1987 at the UN Headquarters in New York.


In 1993, FGPE took the first Japanese delegation to Colorado University (US) to take part in the GYF in Colorado.

In 1994, FGPE invited and jointly held the conference in Shimane as the first UN children's conference in Japan.


Then, FGPE took the Japanese delegation to the conferences held around the world, such as UK, US, Kenya, Canada, Korea, Malaysia.

International Conferences on the Environment Held Around the World

Symposia Held Throughout Japan

FGPE organized the children's symposium and held jointly with local governments throughout Japan, relaying adopted messages with tasuki (sash) to the next symposium.  One of the messages was relayed to the Global Youth Forum in Colorado by the Japanese delegation.