International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment

In 1991, FGPE launched the International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment.  In May 1992, just before the Earth Summit in Rio, FGPE held the first Children's Painting Exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as a joint project with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).  Almost 300 exhibited artworks attracted thousands of people visited from various regions around the globe and deeply impressed them to receive a high reputation.


Since then, FGPE has been carrying out the competition open for children around the world every year with co-sponsorship of UNEP.  During the past 25 years, we received more than three million entries from over 150 countries and kept enhancing environmental awareness among young people as wellう as adults throughout the world.


Children's artworks always attracted viewers with ideas full of variety and uniqueness, colorful and rich colors, as well as anxiety and strong will for protecting the environment.  They reflected each time's environmental status in their homeland and the world, and genuinely warned adults who sometimes hesitate to take right actions in conflict with various interests. 

▶25th competition Judgement and Award Ceremony
24th competition Outputs...Animation video, posters, etc.
23rd competition ▶Paint for the Planet in New York
▶22nd competition  
▶21st competition  
▶20th competition  
▶19th competition  
▶18th competition