Rice Forum for Global Environment

Rice will Save the Earth!


Through experiencing actual rice planting and harvesting, the rice forum provides opportunities to understand the potential of rice as staple food and advantages of rice farming which contributes to a circulation of natural ecosystem.  


In order to think about the global environment and international cooperation, FGPE has been organizing the Rice Forum for Global Environment since 1999, when the first forum was held in Wajima City (Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan). Then, the forum took place every year in various local areas around Japan.


Participants from 120 embassies resided in Tokyo including ambassadors, diplomats and their families, as well as local citizens and children, were introduced to the important role of rice farming for environmental preservation.  

Also, throughout the forum, FGPE has been appealing the wisdom of preserving the natural environment and the spirit of "Living Together" which lies in the heart of Japanese rice farming culture.


Foreign participants stayed at local farmers' or citizens' houses to experience the local lifestyle and culture to communicate closely and friendly beyond the language barrier.


In summer, symposia with special lectures and panel discussions were held in Tokyo under the theme of rice farming, natural environment, food and health, or food security, inviting general citizens. 

His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado, Founder of the Rice Forum


The Rice Forum project was started from an idea of HIH Prince Takamado who said "How about taking Ambassadors to the countryside to plant rice seedlings together with local people?".  With his idea, FGPE made whole project plan and started this special project in Wajima city (Ishikawa) in 1999.  


HIH Prince Takamado gave an opening speech at the opening ceremony and planted rice by himself together with ambassadors and local people.  He participated in the following forums held in Niigata and Shiga and made an international and amicable exchange with the diplomats and local people.  


It was very sad to say, HIH Prince Takamado suddenly passed away in 2002.  We appreciate again for HIH Prince Takamado for his dedication for the global environment and international communication. 


Next year in 2003, the rice forum was held in Yamaguchi and Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado took a part in the Rice Harvesting Program to play a very important role instead of HIH Prince Takamado.  

HIH Prince Takamado giving an opening speech 

HIH planting rice seedlings together with local people

HIH planting together with Governor of Niigata Prefecture and senior officials of the Rice Forum in 2001.

With his daughter Ayako in Shiga Prefecture in 2002

HIH Princess Takamado with Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture in the Harvesting Forum 2002

Rice Forums Held Around Japan 1998 - 2004

Rice Planting Festivals

Rice Harvesting Festivals

International Exchange Between Ambassadors, Diplomats and Local People

                                         Rice Forum International Symposium in Tokyo

Rice Forum in Aichi (Mikawa Anjo)


Rice Forum in Yamaguchi (Kitanagato)


Rice Forum in Niigata (Echigo Tumari)

  Rice Forum in Shiga (Kita Biwako)
  Rice Forum in Tokyo (Fuchu City)
  Rice Forum in Hokkaido (Fukagawa City)
  Rice Forum in Ishikawa (Wajima City)