Forests for the Future Project (FF Project)

Plant for the Planet!  Plant for the Future!


We are losing forests at the rate of 1 tennis court every minute, 1,440 courts every day and 525,600 courts every year. If we leave this situation as it is, how will our earth in the future look like?  


From ancient times, Japanese people have been preserving forests with planting trees and raising woods to produce water to maintain rice farming, as well as to make the best use of woods as a principle material of the Japanese life culture.  


Also, Japanese people sometimes worship the forests as the grove of the village shrine.  As a result of this, Japan still maintains forests of 70% of the land area.  FGPE appeals such a Japanese spirit to people around the world for enhancing to preserve the precious forests.  


In 2002, FGPE launched the worldwide tree-planting campaign jointly with UNEP and the national and local governments.   FF Project encourages children and adults to plant trees together to preserve the rich and beautiful forests for the future generations.

Forests for the Future Project

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