24th Competition

Theme:   We have the Power!

Sustainable energy is a form of energy that does not run out or cause harm to our environment.

We have the power to make the right energy choices and use it efficiently.


Deadline:   31 May 2015


24th competition brochure
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Press Release


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▶▶North American Winner Chosen for the 24th International Children`s Painting Competition

▶▶"We have the power": UNEP Awards Winners of the International Children's Painting Competition


"We have the power":  UNEP Awards Winners of the International Children's Painting Competition Tue, Apr 26, 2016

The theme of this years competition - "We have the power!" - inspired thousands of young artists around the world to share their visions of how renewable energy can be harnessed for the well being of people on the planet.



Nairobi, 25 April 2016 - The three global winners of the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP's) 24th International Children Painting Competition received their awards, Monday, at the organization's headquarters in Nairobi.  The winning works of Gloria Yang from the United States, Salya Richita Susanto from Indonesia and Sataporn Thitiprasert from Thailand were selected from among nearly 63,000 submissions from 66 countries around the world.


The theme of this year's competition - "We have the power!" - inspired thousands of young artists around the world to share their visions of how renewable energy can be harnessed for the wellbeing of people on the planet.


"Through the painting, I (...) showed how mining causes pollution on Earth. Energy can be obtained not only from below the Earth's surface, but it can be obtained from other sources which are environmentally friendly on the Earth's surface. Nature provides the sun, wind, water, and sun flower, as substitutes for fuel and fossil-based energy sources," said the winner of the second prize, Salya Richita Susanto.


Launched in 1991, the Competition is co-organized every year with the Japan-based Foundation for Global Peace and Environment (FGPE), and has been receiving the support of the Al Sayer Group since 2015. It aims at raising awareness on environmental issues among children and providing them with information and tools on how to build a sustainable future for our planet.


"I am currently helping my parents to preserve energy and used water. For examples, I turn on the lights only in the rooms that being used. I will use the water used in our kitchen for example, to rinse off our vegetables to water the plants in our kitchen garden," said the third prize winner, Sataporn Thitiprasert.


Throughout the years, UNEP and partners have encouraged children to research, reflect on and create art about some of the most pressing environmental issues, such as sustainable lifestyles, food waste, deserts and water as a source of life.


Winner of the first prize, Gloria Yang said, "My life has consisted of many talks and presentations on how to save natural resources and not to take them for granted. I usually save renewable energy like water or electricity by using the amount that I truly need, and thinking about the environment every time I do something that might seem wasteful."


While in Nairobi, the winners of the competition visited the informal settlement of Mathare, where they joined local children for an art workshop led by the Kenyan artist Koi at the Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group centre. The workshop focused on the subject of illegal trade in wildlife, which will be the theme of the 2016 World Environment Day on 5 June.


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★ Top Winners of the 24th Competition ★

fgpe competition-24th-1st Prize & RONA winner_Gloria Yang (14, USA)
Gloria Yang (14, United States of America)


Global 1st Prize Winner &

Regional Winner of North America


Gloria Yang

(14, United States of America) 

fgpe competition - Salya Richita Susanto (10, Indonesia)
Salya Richita Susanto (10, Indonesia)



Global 2nd Prize Winner


Salya Richita Susanto

(10, Indonesia) 

fgpe competition-24th-Sataporn Thitiprasert (13, Thailand)
Sataporn Thitiprasert (13, Thailand)



Global 3rd Prize Winner


Sataporn Thitiprasert

(13, Thailand) 

fgpe competition-24th-Juan David Diaz Manrique (15, Colombia)
Juan David Diaz Manrique (15, Colombia)


Regional Winner of

Latin America and the Caribbean


Juan David Diaz Manrique

(15, Colombia)

fgpe competition-24th-Pansachon Phonmueang (14, Thailand)
Pansachon Phonmueang (14, Thailand)



Regional Winner of Asia and the Pacific


Pansachon Phonmueang

(14, Thailand)

fgpe competition-24th-Hussein Malla (9, Kenya)
Hussein Malla (9, Kenya)


Regional Winner of Africa


Hussein Malla

(9, Kenya)

fgpe competition-24th-Evdokia Bogacheva (12, Ukraine)
Evdokia Bogacheva (12, Ukraine)


Regional Winner of Europe


Evdokia Bogacheva

(12, Ukraine)

fgpe competitioni-24th-*Mehweesh Kadegoankar (12, United Arab Emirates)
Mehweesh Kadegoankar (12, United Arab Emirates)


Regional Winner of West Asia


Mehweesh Kadegoankar

(12, United Arab Emirates)