Rice Forum - International Symposium in Tokyo

Date:   November 14, 2005

Place:  United Nations University - International Conference Hall in Tokyo

Organized by:                   Foundation for Global Peace and Environment (FGPE)

                                            United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

                                            Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Specially Sponsored by:  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


Five Ambassadors from various regions around the world, who actually participated in the rice forum, together with Mayor of Fukagawa City (Hokkaido), which hosted the 2000 rice forum, joined the symposium as panelists under the theme "21st century - Rice will save the earth".   Prior to the panel discussion, Professor Yoshinori Yasuda of International Research Center for Japanese Studies gave a keynote lecture. 

(From right) Mr. Katsuhiro Shigemoto, Executive Director of FGPE, Mr. Junkichi Kawano, Mayor of Fukagawa City, HE Mr. Yuri Costenko, Ambassor of Ukrine, HE Mr. James Chicago, Ambassor of Malawi, HE Mr. Eli Kohen, Ambassador of Israel, HE Mr. Adolpho Albaress, Ambassador of Ecuador, HE Mr. Serajum Isram, Ambassador of Bangladeshi, and Coordinator Ms. Tomoko Yano, Secretary General of FGPE.

  Rice Forum for Global Environment
  ▶Rice Forum in Wajima (Ishikawa)   
  ▶Rice Forum in Fukagawa (Hokkaido)
  ▶Rice Forum in Kita-Biwako (Shiga)
  ▶Rice Forum in Echigo-Tsumari (Niigata)
  ▶Rice Forum in Kita-Nagato (Yamaguchi)
  ▶Rice Forum in Mikawa-Anjo (Aichi)
  ▶Rice Forum in Tokyo

▶Rice Forum - International Symposium in Tokyo