Major Planting Site and Planted Species of Trees (2008-2012)


Thailand used to have rich rain-forests and exported a big amount of teak woods.  However, deforestation due to industrial development, slash-and-burn agriculture, etc.,

caused to reduce the forest area down to under 20% of

the total land area.

In this project, we have been planting mainly at the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (Cha-am, Petchaburi Province), and then plan to expand the planting area throughout Thailand.

We started to plant seedlings in the vast area of Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (288 ha) based on the master plan. Various kinds of suitable trees will be planted in the five vegetation areas in the park.

In 2008, about 50,000 seedlings are planted at the Beach Forest Area.

The Sirindhorn Park, as an environmental learning center, provides opportunities for school children to learn about the importance of tree planting through an actual experience of joining the planting activities.

We plan to be expanding planting area throughout Thailand.


Planting 297,200 Seedlings in 497 rai of five kinds of vegetation area:

*Beach Forest:          47,480 Seedlings in 118.7 rai  

*Mangrove Forest: 150,000 Seedlings in 30 rai

*Lowland Forest:      50,920 Seedlings in 127.3 rai

*Wetland Forest:        8,800 Seedlings in 22 rai

*Highland Forest:     40,000 Seedlings in 200 rai

A project of rehabilitating a huge devastated land area has started in 1994. With continuous efforts for years, beautiful mangrove forests have been reviving. However, there still remains wider area for further planting in the five kinds of vegetation area.  As the planting going on, the park will function as an natural environmental learning center, where people can learn about the natural environment of Thailand practically.  

Since HRH Princess Sirindhorn hopes to have visitors from around the world as well for ecotourism, the park is titled Sirindhorn International Environmental Park.  A lot of school children visit the Energy for Environment Center, which has exhibition rooms on various themes of environmental issues.  


The 1st Phase (2007-2008)

Planted Areas at Sirindhorn International Environmental Park for the first phase 


[Planting Term]   

July 19 (Sat) to August 31 (Sun), 2008 


[Planting Site]     

Beach Forests (12 Tree Planting Plots Boundary) 

  - Total area of 125rai or 20 hectares


[The Number of Planting Trees]    

  - 21 species

  - 50,000 seedlings in total (6,250 on July 19)

[Species of Planted Trees]    

Royal Planting Species:

  1) Barringtonia asiatica (L.) Kurz

  2) Derris indica Bennet

  3) Diospyros malabarica (Desr.)                   Kostel

  4) Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels

  5) Manikara hexandra (Roxb.)                     Dubard


All Species Planted 

at Beach Forests:

  1) Sterculia foetida         

  2) Shorea roxburghii 

  3) Phyllanthus emblic    

  4) Xylia xylocarp

  5) Syzygium cumini       

  6) Tamarindus indica 

  7) Cassia siamea             

  8) Pithecellobium dulce 

  9) Swietenia macrophyll 

10) Hibicus tiliaceus      

11) Derris indica  

12) Thespesia populnea 

13) Azadirachta indica  

14) Samanea Saman 

15) Diospyros malabarica 

16) Manikara hexandra 

17) Millingtonia hortensis 

18) Dipterocarpus alatus 

19) Casuarina equisetifolia 

The 2nd Phase (2009-2010)

            Sirindhorn International Environmental Park 

            at Cha-am (Petchaburi Province)


At the Tree Planting Forum on 12th September 2009, totally 1,260 seedlings of 4 kinds of tree species were planted on the ridge of mangrove forests. 


Planted Species :

1) “Pho Thalay”  (Thespesia  populnea L. Soland Ex Correa)

2) “ Hang Nok Yoong Farang”  (Delonix  regia) 

3) “Samrong”  (Sterculia  foetida  L.)

4) “Krating”  (Calophyllum  inophyllum  L.) 


After the Tree Planting Forum at The Sirindhorn International Environmental Park, continuous tree planting activities are organized one by one at each tree planting site at 9 schools and 6 temples in Petchaburi Province.  They planted about 10,000 seedlings including the Provincial tree “Wha” (Syzygium cumini L. Skeels) in total. 


[Participating Schools and Temples] 

9 schools in Cha-am, Tha-yang and Kaeng Krachan Districts in Phetchaburi Province 

1) Cha-am Khunyingnuangburi School, in Cha-am District

2) Princess Chulabhorn’s College Phetchaburi, in Cha-am District

3) Suksasongkra Phetchaburi School, in Cha-am District

4) Thanodluang Witthaya School, in Cha-am District

5) Ban Raimaipattana School, in Cha-am District

6) Ban Hubkrapong School, in Cha-am District

7) Ban Nayang School, in Cha-am District

8) Nongchumsaengwitthaya School, in Thayang District 

9) Kaengkrachanwitthaya School, in Kaeng Krachan District


6 temples (Wat) in Cha-am Disrict of Phetchaburi 

1) Meditation Centre, Wat Huay Sai-Tai

2) Wat Sai Yoi

3) Wat Naeranchararam

4) Wat Nong Chaeng

5) Wat Cha-am Kiri

6) Wat Nong Taphod

The 3rd Phase (2010-2012)

At the Tree Planting Forum on December 5, 2010, 1,100 seedlings of 7 kinds of trees were planted at five zones of mangrove forests in The Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (SIEP).

After that, the continuous tree planting activities were carried out to plant about 10,000 trees in total. 


[Species and numbers of seedlings planted on December 5] 


1) “Fad Dok Khao” (Lumnitzera racemosa Willd)     150

2) “Fad Dok Daeng” (Lumnitzera littorea Voigt)   150

3) “Phangka Huasum Dok Daeng”                    200

      (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (L) Savigny) 

4) “Thua Khao” (Bruguiera cylindrica Bl.)            100

5) “Prong Daeng” (Ceriops tagal (Perr.) C.B. Rob.)   100

6) “Prong Khao” (Ceriops decandra Ding Hou)   100

7) “Kong Kang Bai Yai” (Rhizophora mucronata Poir)  300      /  total 1,100



[Participated Schools and Groups by March 2011]

[December 2010]  Chatchalerm Kindergarten     KMIT Thonburi International School


[January 2011]       Mukdahan School     Hitlada School     Srithammarat School     Phadungsit Pitthaya Primary School    

                                 Phadungsit Pitthaya Secondary School


[March 2011]         Kasinthorn School     Phrommanusorn School     EGAT Group    Ratchamongkol Shool    

                                 Provincial Electricity Authority Group    King's Scholarship students     Stamford University (Huahin)